biaMONTE quarries group, operates in property wide variety of natural stones in Spain. Monthly extraction capacity is higher than 8000 m3.


Deep mate White colour and smooth texture are the keys of the fame for this limestone Caliza Alba.

Fossils and sea shells can be found in the texture of this material..


Crema Marfil Coto Marble is a cream colour material, compact, fine-grained, with uniform background that may show slightly darker small veins irregularly scattered. It is extracted from one of our quarries, Monte Coto Quarry, located in Pinoso (Alicante).


non detrital sedimentary rock biochemistry of Lumaquela type consists of large number of marine fossils consolidated and agglomerates. It is a coarse-grained rock and ocher.

His ability to cut or Contraley Act, give this material a great versatility when to show her beauty. We can appreciate genuine and classic horizontal streaks in his court Contraley and jumbled shapes and the elegant time in his court law.

An ideal material for use as a ventilated façade or appease


Dark Emperador marble is a natural stone brown, formed by the combination of a dark hue predominant and graining of a lighter shade. Very elegant appearance and high mechanical strength.
Dark Emperor Brown marble marketed in the form of tables and slabs of different sizes and thicknesses and finishes polished or aged. It is used for many purposes, so it is one of the best selling in the world.
The elegant look of marble Emperador Brown makes its use is widespread in interior decoration, both floors and walls, as well as granite bathrooms.

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